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This is a Flexible Inventory System to Keep Track of Expiration Dates for Food & Household Items

Easily Locate and Analyze Your Inventory

View Your Products in Different Ways
The system is flexible! You can keep track of all of your items or items in specific Storage Locations. Keep track of canned goods in the Lazy Susan, Kitchen Pantry or Basement/Garage shelf. Keep track of bulk items such as toilet paper and paper towels. Keep track of items at your vacation home or RV or boat.

Choose when you want to receive an alert. 1 day - 1 week - 1 month before your product item expires. Some items don't have expiration dates such as lightbulbs. You can choose to disable the alert system per product item.

Adding items into the system can be tedious but the more fields you fill out for each item the more information you'll receive when you view your inventory. That's why we suggest narrowing your items to specific locations -- you can of course add all of your items -- it's up to you!

After you enter your food and household items into the system you can view your inventory items in many different ways.

View Expiring Items by Time
View Items in the Freezer
View Homemade Items in the Freezer
View Items by Nutrition
View Item Cost by Store

Click below to view a sample of the Main Inventory View!
Main Inventory View