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This is a Flexible Inventory System to Keep Track of Expiration Dates for Food & Household Items

Track Expiring Food Items

Simply enter your items into the system to keep track of expiration dates. Track freezer items, leftovers, food and non-food household items.

Receive Email & Text Alerts!

Receive an Email Alert 1 day, 1 week or 1 month before your items expire. You Decide. You can also choose not to receive an alert on individual items. Text Alerts are a quick way to view your expiring item list.

Custom Storage Locations

Storage Locations are custom to you. Enter Your Custom Locations for Better Control.

Saves You Time & Money!

Expired Canned Goods waste money. Don't dig in the freezer - View your inventory instead.

It's Flexible!

Track ALL of your items or items in a specific location - Basement Freezer

Expiring Refrigerator Items

No longer waste opened jars of pasta sauce or broth. Track opened expiration dates.

Monthly Subscription

$ 6.99 /Mo
  • Keep Track of Expiration Dates for Food & Household Items
  • Receive Email Alerts Before Products Expire
    • 1 Day Before
    • 1 Week Before
    • 1 Month Before
  • Custom Storage Locations
  • View Items by Product Type
  • View Items by Storage Location
  • View Items by Expiration Date
  • View Items by Diet & Nutrition

Have You Ever?

  • Thrown out expired canned goods.
  • Wondered what Homemade Meals are in the Basement Freezer.
  • Wondered how long the opened jar of pasta sauce has been in the refrigerator.
  • Wondered what is in the cabinet above the microwave.
  • Wondered what is in the pantry at your vacation home.

Wonder No More! Now you can keep track of Expiring Food & Household Items using Millpondfarm's Inventory System.