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This is a listing of all of your active product items.

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Product Type Title Expiration Date Storage Location Item Quantity Amount Pkg Amt Diet & Nutrition Opened Status
Beer Coors Light Lager Beer Boat 1 24.00 cans
Bread Sticks, Bread, White Pepperridge Farm Farmhouse Sourdough Bread
Basement Freezer 1 24.00 oz
Canned Beans Del Monte French Style Green Beans No Salt Added
Basement Office 3 14.50 oz No Salt, Non-GMO
Canned Beans, Beef, Ground & Patties Homemade Chili
Basement Freezer 3.00 servings 88% Lean
Chicken Legs, Thighs & Wings Perdue Chicken Drumsticks
Kitchen Freezer 1 12.00 drumsticks 6.00 chicken legs
Cooking Wine & Vinegar Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Laundry Room 1 0.50 gallon Opened
Crackers Nabisco Saltine Original Crackers
Kitchen Pantry 1 1.00 lb
Frozen Appetizers & Snacks Pagoda Vegetable Egg Rolls
Kitchen Freezer 1 22.00 oz
Light Bulb Sylvania 100 Watt LED Flood Dimmable Garage Top Shelf 1 3.00 bulbs Opened
Nuts & Seeds Planter's Lightly Salted Mixed Nuts
Boat 1 10.30 oz Lightly Salted
Packaged Rice Side Dishes Ben's Original Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook
Cupboard Above Microwave 2 6.20 oz
Wine Woodbridge Chardonnay Cupboard in RV 3 1.50 liter

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