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Millpondfarms Blog

Blueberries From the Farm

Every year we buy about 30 lbs of blueberries from our local farm and freeze them. They last all winter long. I store them in our basement freezer and keep track of them using our system. Here is a fantastic Lemon Blueberry Muffin recipe I love! 


Cucumbers and Peppers From our Garden

Cucumbers and peppers from our garden. Our 1st time growing them! Very exciting. My husband makes pickles from the cucumbers. Here's a good recipe. He'll grill the peppers and freeze them and place them in our basement freezer to have peppers all winter! I'll keep track of the peppers using our online system.

Sneaky Stuffed Shells Using Rescued Items

The other day I received a text alert about expiring frozen spinach so I made a healthy recipe from my "Eat what you Love Everyday" book by Marlene Koch!  She has a series of healthy eating recipe books that are fantas

Don't Forget Your Pet's Food

Food shortages and baby formula shortages are important and devastating for families around the country. But we can't forget about food supplies for our pets. I had a horrible time finding food for our cat.  So far I have not experienced shortages of food for our dog.  Gracie our labradoodle needs special dry food and only eats certain treats.  I keep them on supply now and keep track of them using the system.

Looking for Deals at the Grocery Store

It's becoming more important to check for coupons at your local grocery store before shopping. You can still find some deals.  The other day my local grocery store had chicken on sale.  I bought several package and divided them up and put them in the freezer! And of course, I added them to my inventory system.

According to the Bureau of Statistics here below is the percentage of price increases from April 2021 versus April 2022.

Get Creative with Expiring Items

I made a tuna fish casserole the other night with tuna fish that was expiring next week!  I wouldn't have thought to make my casserole but I received a text this morning that let me know that I had several packets of tuna fish expiring next week.  To my delight I had all of the ingredients  on hand.  I normally add peas but this time I happened to have a bag of peas and carrots that had been in the freezer for a while so I used that. I also added artichoke hearts.  Artichoke hearts are a fun way to add another layer of vegetable and it gives it a tang!